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I have been involved as an aircraft appraiser since 1985, performing appraisals for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Mission Oaks National Bank, Riverside National Bank, and City National Bank. Have performed numerous appraisals for individual parties, trusts and tax related issues.

I have 35 years of General Aviation experience. Pilot certificates held: Airline Transport Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, Single and Multi Engine, Instrument. Over 8000 hours logged as a pilot.

I have owned and operated the Orange County Flight Center since 1991, and owned and operated American Aircraft Sales and Appraisals since 1981. I was Vice President and Sales Manager for two Cessna Dealerships from 1972 to 1980. (Skyhaven Aviation, and Shaw Airmotive). I have owned and operated American Aircraft Maintenance since 2001.

If your plane is for sale or you need an appraisal for tax purposes, contact me today at 949.756.1515 or

Yours truly,
Gary Sequeira/President
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